People are losing their minds and hearts to corruption, here is what you can do.

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

As we are watching the politics of this world spiral into confusion, with arguments, contentions, disagreements, corruption and more. We as believers need to know what to do and how to maintain our spiritual and religious guide lines in order not to be drawn into the corrupt confusion of the political atmosphere of our day. As we try to stay aware and sober in our society, we also have to guard our hearts, and minds from the influx of information that does not always include knowledge which is truth based on the bible, but information that is not always true from the sources we are relying on to give us the details of our political climate. There are several things we can do and God always helps us as He has those before us when the climate was corrupt and confusing for them.

We as believers don't need to have three steps to focus our minds and hopes on things that are pure, and truthful that combat the confusion and corruptness of the day from coming into our minds and hearts. According to the Holy Scripture Christ can keep our hearts and minds pure, but what is our responsibility in how this can or will be done. In the Holy book of Colossians:3 to set our minds on and hearts on things above. If we focus on what is above which is Christ then the will not be open and available to be infiltrated with worldly or lower wisdom, that does not belong to the believer of Christ.

This may seem simple but not easy when we are aware of our surroundings often, but if we set our hearts and minds on things above it removes the room for the lower world to influence us. We do this by focusing on Christ, God, Heaven, and that which is Higher than this world. We do this in our secret prayer times, thinking on the Word daily, even listening to Holy music, scriptures, and sermons throughout our day. To make our days filled with God and The Holy Word.

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